The work below is a mixture of collected paintings and illustrations. if you are interested in purchasing an original painting or illustration or a print not yet available in the shop please get in touch.  I also have prints and cards available of various of these images, available from the shop.

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A huge thank you to James Potter for his fantastic reproductions.

Ariseama tubers

tubers in architectural pen on Bristol board
A3, cropped to A4 for display here, prints available as A4, A3 on request

Cards are available in the shop.


Arisaema ink shoots

growing shoots in Japanese ink paste on Lambeth cartridge
first set roughly A3, float mounted and framed

second set 50 x 70cm, float mounted and framed

I was inspired by Sarah Simblet who came to the Diploma course and did a day with us, she was amazing. While I was painting my Arisaema (watch this space…) I wanted to illustrate these growing shoots because they were so fascinating, so I did a drawing for each of my specimens, it was such an amazing experience, one which I will be repeating! Four of these have been sold, some of these are available as prints and cards in the shop.


Arisaema biseasonal

RHS Gold medal and BISCOT gold medal winning series 2019.

I decided (after lusting after them at various flower shows) to try my hand at growing Arisaema, with no more gumption than a desire to own the flowers and having recently acquired a bit of garden and needing a topic for my final diploma year at RBGE, these paintings are the results of a number of years of growing and studying these amazing plants, which are happily really well adapted to a small Edinburgh garden (-_-). Cards are available in the shop.

watercolour on Fabriano 5
450mm x 320mm


Fernation vernation

ferns in watercolour on Fabriano 5
28.7cm wide x 40cm high

Silver award winning submission for BISCOT 2014, these paintings are the sum of five years work due for entry in the 2014 BISCOT competition. The requirements for BISCOT entry are submission of a minimum of six paintings on a botanical theme. The inspiration for this set of paintings for BISCOT is a verdant colour palette and the fascinating shapes and diversity to be found in the fern family. My love of ferns goes back to childhood walks and play both in Scotland and Nigeria, discovering ferns secreted away in water runnels, hidden up trees, unfurling and eking out life in unusual and out of bounds nooks, unbound by regular garden cultivation. Cards are available in the shop.

Floral & Tree

various in watercolour on fabriano 5
sizes various

some work undertaken during the first year of the Diploma in Botanical Illustration at RBGE

Fruits, Seeds & Leaves & small works

various in watercolour on Fabriano 5 except for the leaf in polychromos colour pencil on Fabriano 5
various smallish pieces

Prints and cards are available in the shop.