Wishbone seed pod, watercolour on Fluid 100 by Marianne Hazlewood

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Wishbone Seedpod II

watercolour on Fluid 100

18 x 15 cm

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This painting featured in the Open Eye Gallery Open Eye at 40 show

The second of two Wishbone Seedpod paintings. I was looking for something to paint early in 2021, whilst we were in deep lockdown before the world opened up. Rooting through my drawers of collected seeds, (that I am always meaning to do something with), I found this little seed pod. Sadly, it was broken, so I got out the glue and some thread, and thought I’ll tie this together whilst the glue is setting, and I then hung it from a bulldog clip on my art board. I collected this before I considered that labelling where I had picked a specimen up, and noting what kind of plant it was from, might be useful, but I really loved the shape and the different textures on the inside and outside of the pod, so silvery smooth and so rough and marked.

After a few days of looking at this seed hanging there, I decided I really liked it, it reminded me of a wishbone drying, so I thought I would paint it with the thread, I pondered that maybe some wishbones need mending, and I felt as though I could do with some wishes. I liked both sides of the seed pod, so I decided to do two paintings.

I made a video with my thoughts on these – watch it here >>

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