Wishbone leaf, watercolour on Bockingford by Marianne Hazlewood

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Wishbone Leaf I

watercolour on Bockingford

18 x 15 cm

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A continuation of the Wishbone Seedpod series, I was looking for something to paint early in 2021, whilst we were in deep lockdown before the world opened up.  I came across these Photinia x fraseri, ‘Red Robin’ leaves in a concrete jungle near Haymarket. I walked past these container-based shrubs most days on my daily lockdown walk, and gradually they caught my attention. Though not a shrub that I particularly love, I am attracted to picking things up that I find on the floor and studying them for a bit… After collecting and examining a few, and rejoicing in the colour and the bitten away edges on the margins, I realised I could make the same wishbone shape that I had with the seed pod, and I got all excited! So I decided to do the same treatment, painting the back and the front of each leaf creating and completing the set of four.

I made a video with my thoughts on these – watch it here >>

© Marianne Hazlewood