I am super chuffed to be Artist of the Month in the November edition of Herbology News

Herbology News is a new online publication, a free-to-subscribe zine celebrating therapeutic engagement with plants!

This edition of the zine is “The Energy Issue”. As Artist of the Month they have included one of my tuber drawings on the cover (amended*), I thought this was appropriate as the tubers are actual energy bundles! There are seven images within the zine, and a bit about my process and my particular energy issues! They included a few of the growth series that I have worked on over the past few years, which feature drawings, paintings and screen prints of two of my plants from tuber to fruit, and for this edition *I added some digital design to two of my existing tuber ink drawings, adding a further energy quotient to the works and tying them into the geometric stylings that I worked on with my screen prints. I got quite excited about this, but I am just geeky about such things…

There are other regular features in the zine such as Herb of the month, and Book Club and this month features such as Tang and Ware, The Physic Garden at Holyrood House and Notes from the Brew Room, amongst others, which sound tantalising, I can’t wait to delve in…

Visit Herbology News and read this edition >>

Huge thanks to Kyra Pollitt and her fantastic team for asking me to be their Artist of the Month!

Herbology News - The Energy Issue - cover by Marianne Hazlewood
Herbology News - The Energy Issue - art inserts by Marianne Hazlewood